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Chuks Obi Muoma

Specialist in aircraft engineering

With a degree in Aviation engineering and more than half a decade of experience working in the Military and Civil Aerospace Engineering sectors, Chuks has been very passionate about giving back to the younger generation of aspiring Aerospace Engineers and from that desire to give back came the birth of  Apex Aviators mentoring programme.

Growing up in London the passion for planes has always been prevalent early on in Chuks's life, either from building paper planes or constructing miniature aircraft models to explore his curiosity in understanding the science behind flight. He also shares an understanding on how difficult getting into the industry can be especially when considering ones background. Chuks wishes to make these steps easier by mentoring young people aspiring for a career in aerospace and aviation engineering.

Our Journey

Initially launched in 2018 as a one to one mentoring programme aimed at channelling young minds to aspire for careers in Aerospace and Aviation Engineering, it was very evident to see that the aviation industry being very niche did not offer much information regarding how to go about this.  Amongst other things it was also clear that the aviation industry could do with more diversification with regards to encouraging people from BAME backgrounds as well as pushing for more women in STEM. 

The ethos here at Apex has always been to mentor the next generation of Aviation engineers through a thorough and well thought out process that would ensure that participants are better equipped to navigate the aviation industry from their respected levels of education to working professionals.

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